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About 4IITeens

Welcome to 4IITeens, the premier destination for competitive exams coaching; effectively leading students on their journey to success. We provide students the best tools and guidance for growth, by nurturing their individual strengths and making them confident and self-reliant, taking them one step closer to their chosen career paths.

With the top three academicians of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry uniting to form an excellent core team, we ensure simplified, systematic and sustainable coaching for every IITJEE aspirant.

We are part of a diversified business house with interests in Healthcare, Education & Property development giving us a strong edge to emerge as front runners.

We believe in setting high goals and achieving them with hard work and passion. Welcome aboard this prestigious institute, where we join forces to provide the best NEET, IIT JEE MAINS and IIT JEE ADVANCED coaching enabling students to achieve concrete results.


Our objective is to instil confidence and work as a team in building a great future with a better understanding of Science & Maths. The earlier the students starts their preparation, the better their performance. We aim to achieve this by :

  • Enabling students to get a better grasp on the foundational concepts in Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry.
  • Providing unique training tools for the betterment of every student
  • Encouraging students to look beyond the textbook and expand their knowledge base
  • Grooming the students' reasoning, communication and speed maths skills
  • Equipping young students with a solid foundation by the time they reach class IX, giving them an edge over the competition
  • Training students not just for IIT but other entrance(competitive) exams like NTSE, Science & Math Olympiads and more.

What we deliver at 4IITeens

We prepare students for IIT-JEE, NTSE, NEET, AIIMS, KVPY, NSE (Science Olympiads) and RMO. Our strategic methodology is geared towards not just achieving the students target scores, but surpassing it with healthy margins.

Problem solving abilities

Problem solving skills in general refers to our ability to solve problems in an effective and timely manner without any impediments. It is considered quite crucial in Science and Mathematics education because it transcends basic knowledge. Facing and solving these problems is a crucial skill for every student, It may be a math problem, chemistry equation or a physics calculation. Some problems may be more complex than others. Whatever the complexity of the problem at hand, developing the skills to tackle them effectively is the single most important skill that helps students stay confident.

By developing problem-solving skills, you learn not only to tackle the problems you are currently challenged with , but also to logically work your way through any problems you may face within the stipulated time. The memoriser can only solve problems he/she has encountered already, but the problem solver can solve problems that he/she has never seen before. The problem solver is flexible; can diversify and above all, can create. Demonstrating lateral thinking and analytical abilities is crucial rather than accepting issues at face value. It will help you to assess every situation with great accuracy. We at 4IITeens improve your problem solving skills not just by giving you a divergent edge, but by equipping you to stand out in the crowd.

Our Achievers, Our Pride:

We are extremely proud of our 4IITeens students for having secured top ranks in IIT JEE Mains and for those who have qualified for Advanced. Heartiest Congratulations to you all

Why choose 4IITeens

As Engineering and Medical fields surge forward, it explodes with intelligent minds that leave no stone unturned to surpass each other to secure top spots. Students who are looking for prestigious seats in top engineering and medical colleges go for IIT-JEE, NEET examinations which are held every year across India. They prefer 4IITeens owing to brilliant faculties and path breaking results. We are also consistent in locking top ranks in India for imparting the best IIT JEE/NEET coaching in India. Here are few benefits.

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